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WORD PASSWORD.com helps you to recover password to your valuable texts you might have accidentally encoded under MS Word. No matter what happened, whether you have forgotten the password to your personnel files, or your employee left without telling the password to contact lists, or you cannot access important contracts and business letters, WORD PASSWORD.com helps you tare here to help.

There are several types of passwords in MS Word. Which methos is better to use for password recovery depends on password type, MS Word version. You can read details about Word password recovery at this page.


a) Word2.0, Word 6.0 and Word 95 have weak protection. Password could be recovered instantly but Word document must contain enough text inside (at least one page) to allow password recovery. If there is not enough text in your document password recovery may fail.

b) Word 97, 2000, XP, 2003 has improved password protection.
There are two ways to recover Word password in this case. The first way is a so-called Brute Force Attack. Using brute-force password recovery method, every possible combination of characters is tested against the password until a match is found. This can take a very long time (measured by years, not even days!), so this method will only work on reasonably short passwords (say, up to 8-9 characters). Some improvement (which may not be so critical, after all) can be added to this method by varying character sets used and careful arrangement of character combinations, with some of them excluded and some tested in the first turn. The time span needed to retrieve a relatively simple password like this one, "AQuickBrownFoxJumpedOverALazyDog" may be longer than the age of the Galaxy. Therefore, this method is likely to be successful with short passwords.

The second way (the one we use for our Guaranteed password recovery) is a combination of hi-tech well-optimized algorithms, and powerful hardware. Incidentally, recovering a password for microsoft word with the use of the Guaranteed password recovery feature has been tested many times. That's why our promises of guaranteed satisfaction always turn out to be true. Take advantage of Guaranteed password recovery by purchasing Word password recovery tool.

Note that guaranteed password recovery is applicable for passwords to open only. 

Note on Office XP/2003
You can use Guaranteed password recovery to recover Office XP/2003 documents if only they were saved in default (Office 97/2000 compatible) encryption mode. If a document has been saved in advanced encryption mode, Guaranteed password recovery will not work.

c) Word 2002 (XP) has opportunity to choose encryption mode - weak protection as in old versions, standard (used by default) as in Word 97/2000 and several advanced encryption modes.

Note. If you protect your document with several passwords and one of them is password to open first you have to recover password to open and then recover other passwords.


It's not possible to recover these passwords, but there are methods to modify document and delete the passwords. Word Password.com use this methods in its software.

Note that Guaranteed password recovery is applicable for passwords to open only, but Word password recovery software can modify document to delete the passwords.


If you have two passwords in your document - VBA password and any type of Word password and forgot both of them you need VBA and Word password recovery modules to recover passwords.

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