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Can you crack Word password ?
Yes. Word Recovery 2000 program is able to remove password protection from documents created in Microsoft Word. Text from documents created in all Word versions from WinWord 2.0 through Word 2000 will be recovered. Our Word Recovery works instantly!

Only for Word '97/2000 the password recovery time may be increased up to 4 days (usually about 2 days) due to improved encryption scheme used in Microsoft Office.

Can you remove password from shareware program or e-mail account?
No. We will only recover the documents listed in our Price List. 
We will not unprotect any other documents. We will not attempt to unprotect trial-version software, shareware programs, demo versions, any access codes, internet log-on passwords, e-mail account etc., because such attempts may be illicit.

What do I do to recover my lost password?
Simply purchase one of our password recovery tools. You may want to download a demo version of a software you need and try it - for free! Later you will be able to register it to try a full-featured working version.

Please note: if you want to recover a password to Word'97/2000 or Excel'97/2000 document file, you might want to use the Guaranteed password recovery feature that comes with every Word or Excel password recovering tool you purchase! You may even order additional Guaranteed password recovery sessions by purchasing as many Recovery Vouchers as you wish.

Do you provide any guarantees concerning the money?
Yes. We provide 100% Money Back guarantee in case you choose to use the Guaranteed password recovery feature of our programs and it fails - for any reason, even if your original file is damaged.

Will your software give me the password after password recovery procedure?
Yes. You will have the original password. Some document types does not allow extracting password (Word 97, Excel 97, Word 2000 and Excel 2000). These are the only cases when you can not get the password (but of course your document gets completely unprotected).

Are you hackers?
No. We are a company specialized in data security and cryptography. We dedicate ourselves to giving serious professional service to private citizens and businesses. For example, few companies included into the Fortune500 leaders list already chosen to rely on us.

What if your guaranteed recovery doesn't help?
We give you a 100% refund, no exclusions.

Why you may be unable to crack my file?
The main reason is file damage. Files usually get corrupted when transferred through floppy disks or zip-disks that contain bad sectors. Unfortunately, we cannot unprotect files with damaged document structure.

How do I pay you?
You simply follow the links on the ordering page or registration links on product pages. The links will take you to the ShareIt SSL Secure server where you will be prompted for all necessary information. If you purchase a product, you will be able to download it from that site. All transactions are made through secure connections, so no third party will be able to access your confidential information, such as credit card number etc.

What payment options do you offer?
We can accept your payment by a credit card, wire transfer or check.
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